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The remote-control training collar is a collar with a receiver which is placed around the dog's neck. It is triggered by remote-control which picks up signals up to 300m in open spaces. As soon as your dog begins to misbehave, (rummaging in dustbins, stealing food or objects, chasing cars etc), all you need to do is to press on one of the two Spray buttons on the remote-control. A cold spray, which is painless and harmless, is triggered onto the dog's neck. The dog is taken by surprise and stops misbehaving. All you need to do then is call him and reward him warmly when he reaches you. In this way your dog will learn to obey you without being frightened of you.
Unique Valve angle directs the spray directly on to the dogs neck.
On/Off switch to increase battery life.
Sound button to reinforce positive behaviour.